DMC / Destination Management Company

Basics of teamwork skills

This short and very dynamic interactive programme provides participants with a great deal of new expertise and information on approaches towards team organisation, communication and leadership. We can provide program anywhere in Slovenia, we also come to the seat of your company, which will reduce your education costs. Highly recommended!

The jewels of Piran

You’re divided into teams that explore the jewels of Piran with the help of our guide, and complete fun team assignments along the way. For the finals of the program we\'ll organise BBQ party on the private boat. Program is an excellent choice for everyone who like to organise team building on Slovenian coast !

Bled and the legends of its castle

Bled the pearl of Gorenjska, where legends blend with real-life stories from the past and present. As such, this place has helped us design a fantastic team building programme which makes happy many visitors of different business and congress events. The participants simply love it!

Goriška brda and their TOP 5

On the bike or in a van we will discover the TOP 5 attractions in the Goriška Brda region. The team challenges, tastings and visiting of special places that are custom made by the man who lives in Goriška brda. The program is an exceptional experience which will excite you. All in all, we will conclude with an outstanding presentation at a prestigious location.

Cycling along the Mura river

This programme is simply super choice with lots of nice surprises, hidden nooks, teamwork activities and Prekmurjan culinary delights. It’s a combination of cycling, fun team assignments and discovering Prekmurje and their rich cultural heritage.

Isonzo battle hike

This programme received an excellence award for best adventure-filled event at the 2010 Event Management Conference. An excellent story combining teamwork, history and sports team challenges. Highly recommended!

Corporate triathlon in the Soča valley

Corporate triathlon because in the Soča valley we combine three important areas for people: education, cuisine and socialising. It is a combination of team building and team bonding program where you can find elements of problem solving, outdoor activity, natural beauty and culinary delights. This program is definitely best value for your money in the Soča valley.

Team survival in nature

This survival programme is the best solution for all companies who are looking to strengthen the bonds in their teams, while testing the endurance of their employees. The programme lasts for two days and takes place at various locations in Slovenia.


Who will benefit from them?

There isn’t a company today that doesn’t need team building programmes. However, there may be companies that think they don’t need them. Well, such companies usually don’t last very long. Just about every company should have at least one team building event a year, or, ideally, two events a year. This is because high-quality team building programmes produce excellent results. Companies that regularly organise team building activities have a positive workplace climate, which results in employees who are more engaged in their work. Moreover, employees who like their jobs are willing to give their best, rather than dreading the thought of going back to the office where they’re surrounded by people they can barely stand or where they just don’t feel good. This is just one of the many reasons why you should have team building activities at least once a year, if you really want your business to thrive for the long term.

Team building events can benefit just about everyone. Everyone participating in high-quality team building activities will realise the advantages of working in a healthy workplace. Participants in team building events find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, so their reactions are more natural. There is no room for pretending anymore, so a person’s true character is quickly revealed. This is what we’re looking for and need in a healthy business environment – honesty, fairness and mutual respect. Only when you’ve learned what concerns others have, what they like and what they don’t, can you help them, advise them and encourage them on their path to success. These are some of the great benefits that you’ll learn about in high-quality team building programmes.

There are many other positive effects of team building that we could list, but it’s best that you discover them on your own. For booking and additional information, please write to