DMC / Destination Management Company

A giant pyramid

A fantastic complement to a conference, seminar or BBQ party. We will divide you into three project teams, each team will have to complete its task in order to achieve the final result together. The program is great, fun and super attractive, and it also shows how important is each team member to achieve a common goal.

Charity draws smiles on its face

Charity programs can be stand-alone or in combination with one of many our programs. The goal is always the same. Helping people, institutions... those who need your help. Not many times, at the end of the event, we get tears of happiness. When you see those sparkles in their eyes, you know there is one big act behind you.

Drum workshop

With the help of our professionals, you can play various percussion instruments to catch a winning rhythm with your colleagues and business partners. Experience the exploding energy of rhythm!

Basics of teamwork skills

This short and very dynamic interactive programme provides participants with a great deal of new expertise and information on approaches towards team organisation, communication and leadership. We can provide program anywhere in Slovenia, we also come to the seat of your company, which will reduce your education costs. Highly recommended!

Culinary team challenges

Cooking courses represent an excellent opportunity for team bonding and working in a team. Are you ready to cook by our own special recipe?

Sangria, three in one

You just enlist to the world championships SANGRIA THREE IN ONE, but you’ll have to do more than just mix drinks there to win. Sangria’s not just a drink. It’s also a brand name and synonymous for pleasure and at the same time makes a good profit to the winners. Are you good enough to become world champions? Check it out and have a great time.


Curling is an attractive group game, similar to bowls, only it’s played on ice. Playing on ice looks simple, and in fact ... it’s just fantastic and great fun! Most importantly, you don\'t need skates to enjoy the ice. Don\'t miss the opportunity to have a fantastic event on the ice.

10 Santa Secrets

The program 10 Christmas Mysteries is the best solution to get a perfect team bonding program in December. An extraordinary adventure will take you to the diferent spots around the center of Ljubljana, where, divided into Santa\'s teams, you\'ll start to solve the strictly kept Santa\'s secrets. Which team will be the first to reach the goal and save Santa from an awkward situation. He has lost all his clothes and he is calling for your help.


The Grand Prix race is fantastic opportunity to compete with your colleagues.The winner will be decided by the sum of points in three different categories. An expert jury will evaluate your formula and turn on the green light to the best ones which will be sent to the grande finale. The program is tailor made for all adrenaline lovers and anyone who loves to compete and have great fun at the same time.

Art has no limits

This is relaxed and creative team bonding programme that turns you into artists with no limits. Your greatest allies will be brush,canvas and paints. With help of our painting instructors, we will create a painting which will consist several canvases that will all together form one big painting.

Gigantic games

Are you organising an event for your business partners and colleagues, but can’t think of anything to make it more fun? Our advice: a simple and relaxed party with a gigantic table top and other types of games. You can hang out and play random or we can arrange a tournament system. We\'ll organise by your choice.


A Plan B for team building events.

Team building programmes are usually planned well in advance. Some will plan them a year or more ahead of time. But even if you plan your team building event just a few months in advance, you can’t be sure that the weather will play along and you’ll have what everyone wants – blue skies, sunshine and gentle breezes. More than twenty years of experience have taught us the importance of having a Plan B for when the initial plan has fallen through because of the weather. Here are some team building events that we can deliver at any time and place. If none of them meets your needs, we have a few more in reserve. Contact us at and we’ll find the best solution for you.