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Camp Tolmin - Labrca is located right by the Soča River, just 800 meters from the center of Tolmin.

The ideal location for those seeking peace and active leisure time. The camp is part of the Labrca Sports and Recreation Center, where you can rent various sports equipment such as E-bikes, SUPs, kayaks, or MTB bikes. You can also choose to go on a rafting or canyoning excursion.

Additionally, there is the Labrca Inn, famous for its delicious pizzas, burgers, and grilled dishes. In the camp, it is important to observe quiet hours from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Welcome!

The Inn and pizzeria Labrca

Nestled next to the Soča river in the heart of Tolmin, the charming Labrca Inn has become a beloved destination for many visitors. We offer freshly prepared dishes such as burgers, trout, pizzas, and grilled dishes. In addition to refreshing smoothies and other cold drinks, coffee, and ice cream we proudly offer an extensive selection of Slovenian beers, with a special emphasis on the exquisite brews from the local Zajc microbrewery. We warmly welcome you to experience the enchanting atmosphere of Labrca Inn!


Tolmin is a town in the Republic of Slovenia and the seat of the municipality of the same name. Tolmin is a town on the pier where the rivers Soča and Tolminka meet, and at the junction of the Soča and Idrija valleys and the Baška gorge. Tolmin is a place you fall in love with. Once you visit it, you return to Tolmin. It is suitable for day trips, for active holidays or shorter weekend adventures. Tolmin is a place of proud and happy locals who always like to come to the rescue.

The Tolmin Gorge

The Tolmin Gorge is the lowest point of the Triglav National Park. This is a gorge into which the river Tolminka has carved its bed for millions of years and thus formed the Tolmin Gorge, which impresses visitors from different parts of the world with its breathtaking beauty. Tolmin troughs offer pleasant freshness in the summer heat. Guided excursions through the Tolmin Gorge take a circular path and last about two hours. The Tolmin Gorge is complemented by the gorge of the river Zadlaščica, which is the main source of drinking water for Tolmin and the surrounding area.

Labrca 360°

Take a look at the Labrca Sports and Recreation Center in 360 ° views. Walk with the mouse on the screen and see our restaurant, sanitary block, children's playground, rafting center, camp or beach right next to the Soča River. choose between day and night view. Welcome!

Camp Labrca Tolmin and Maya Sports and Recreation Centre offer a special place in a beautiful and unspoiled nature in the most beautiful valley in the world. Outdoor cooking and BBQ are allowed in the kitchen of the camp where you can also use a washing machine.