What is team building?

Team building is a form of employee training that improves trust, communication, organisation and motivation within teams by using a combination of interactive workshops and various techniques for solving team assignments. This enables various analyses and reports on individuals and teams. Team building programmes are divided into one-day and multi-day programmes, which are repeated periodically in order to achieve the desired measurable goals. Team building does not refer to colleagues hanging out and having fun together, like we often hear or read.

Why choose team building?

With the right team building programme it’s easier to identify your employees’ skills and potentials. While performing your daily work, it is difficult to find the opportunity to discover all your team’s potentials. A well-thought-out programme and a carefully selected location stimulate new ideas, creativity and new findings in participants, who can learn something new about themselves and their colleagues.

Where and when do you carry out team building programmes?

We carry out our team building programmes at various locations in Slovenia and abroad, depending on the infrastructure required and our client’s preferences. The programmes are adapted to the various seasons and can be carried out throughout the year.

Who is team building recommended for?

We recommend team building to any company that thinks long-term and therefore invests in its future. In its staff. It’s important to realise that a company can’t be successful without people to whom it can entrust its tasks, goals and visions.