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Rafting and a picnic

This is a popular team building programme, which demands strong levels of cooperation among the entire team. And in combination with BBQ, basketball, football, badminton... you simply can’t go wrong. For all this we have our own place on the shore of the Soča river. Welcome!

The jewels of Piran

You’re divided into teams that explore the jewels of Piran with the help of our guide, and complete fun team assignments along the way. For the finals of the program we\'ll organise BBQ party on the private boat. Program is an excellent choice for everyone who like to organise team building on Slovenian coast !

Goriška brda and their TOP 5

On the bike or in a van we will discover the TOP 5 attractions in the Goriška Brda region. The team challenges, tastings and visiting of special places that are custom made by the man who lives in Goriška brda. The program is an exceptional experience which will excite you. All in all, we will conclude with an outstanding presentation at a prestigious location.

Bled and the legends of its castle

Bled the pearl of Gorenjska, where legends blend with real-life stories from the past and present. As such, this place has helped us design a fantastic team building programme which makes happy many visitors of different business and congress events. The participants simply love it!

Bohinj geocaching

Bohinj with its surroundings offers us an exciting sports team bonding programme that encourages teamwork and the creativity of participants. Expect lots of action, laughter and fun. For finish we\'ll organise a fantastic BBQ party.

Team survival in nature

This survival programme is the best solution for all companies who are looking to strengthen the bonds in their teams, while testing the endurance of their employees. The programme lasts for two days and takes place at various locations in Slovenia.

Corporate triathlon in the Soča valley

Corporate triathlon because in the Soča valley we combine three important areas for people: education, cuisine and socialising. It is a combination of team building and team bonding program where you can find elements of problem solving, outdoor activity, natural beauty and culinary delights. This program is definitely best value for your money in the Soča valley.

A wander around the Slovenian Karst

In the Slovenian Karst, tradition, wine, local cuisine and exceptional natural features intertwine with each other. The program combines all of the above, and we additionally upgraded the program with an unforgettable team building experience. Through the program, we will get to know the Karst and its life, visit some of Karst\'s exceptional spots and enjoy Karst food and tasting of local wines.

Isonzo battle hike

This programme received an excellence award for best adventure-filled event at the 2010 Event Management Conference. An excellent story combining teamwork, history and sports team challenges. Highly recommended!


The Grand Prix race is fantastic opportunity to compete with your colleagues.The winner will be decided by the sum of points in three different categories. An expert jury will evaluate your formula and turn on the green light to the best ones which will be sent to the grande finale. The program is tailor made for all adrenaline lovers and anyone who loves to compete and have great fun at the same time.

Taxi adventure

A dynamic and attractive programme that simply won\'t let you down. A perfect way to unwind and have an amazing experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come. Invite your team to the craziest Taxi adventure.

Spy games

Join the spy academy and become an indispensable part of the Slovenian anti-terrorist cell. Will you be able to prevent a terrorist attack on the Slovenian president? An excellent team bonding programme that encourages teamwork and cooperation between participants. Spyware has never been such fun.


Curling is an attractive group game, similar to bowls, only it’s played on ice. Playing on ice looks simple, and in fact ... it’s just fantastic and great fun! Most importantly, you don\'t need skates to enjoy the ice. Don\'t miss the opportunity to have a fantastic event on the ice.

Crazy winter olympics

Our Olympics are not only the craziest, but also the most fun and hilarious. Regardless of the event location, there are dozens of different and sympathetic challenges where you\'ll also enjoy the fresh air. The Olympics are a great complement to various business events, or independent program as well.

Drum workshop

With the help of our professionals, you can play various percussion instruments to catch a winning rhythm with your colleagues and business partners. Experience the exploding energy of rhythm!

Basics of teamwork skills

This short and very dynamic interactive programme provides participants with a great deal of new expertise and information on approaches towards team organisation, communication and leadership. We can provide program anywhere in Slovenia, we also come to the seat of your company, which will reduce your education costs. Highly recommended!

Culinary team challenges

Cooking courses represent an excellent opportunity for team bonding and working in a team. Are you ready to cook by our own special recipe?

Cycling along the Mura river

This programme is simply super choice with lots of nice surprises, hidden nooks, teamwork activities and Prekmurjan culinary delights. It’s a combination of cycling, fun team assignments and discovering Prekmurje and their rich cultural heritage.

A giant pyramid

A fantastic complement to a conference, seminar or BBQ party. We will divide you into three project teams, each team will have to complete its task in order to achieve the final result together. The program is great, fun and super attractive, and it also shows how important is each team member to achieve a common goal.

Sangria, three in one

You just enlist to the world championships SANGRIA THREE IN ONE, but you’ll have to do more than just mix drinks there to win. Sangria’s not just a drink. It’s also a brand name and synonymous for pleasure and at the same time makes a good profit to the winners. Are you good enough to become world champions? Check it out and have a great time.

Sailing, Sailing regatta

The regatta is a real treat for all fans of the sea and amazing adventures. This is an excellent opportunity for growing closer and strengthening your bonds with colleagues and business partners.

Charity draws smiles on its face

Charity programs can be stand-alone or in combination with one of many our programs. The goal is always the same. Helping people, institutions... those who need your help. Not many times, at the end of the event, we get tears of happiness. When you see those sparkles in their eyes, you know there is one big act behind you.

10 Santa Secrets

The program 10 Christmas Mysteries is the best solution to get a perfect team bonding program in December. An extraordinary adventure will take you to the diferent spots around the center of Ljubljana, where, divided into Santa\'s teams, you\'ll start to solve the strictly kept Santa\'s secrets. Which team will be the first to reach the goal and save Santa from an awkward situation. He has lost all his clothes and he is calling for your help.

Mini rafting, biking and BBQ

Mini rafting in combination with mountain-biking can be a truly amazing experience for anyone who loves water and the outdoors. Unlike classic rafting, you and your colleagues sit in the mini raft alone, while the guides accompany and entertain you from their kayaks. We have added problem solving tasks to the program which will help you with communication and organising skills and build trust between coworkers..

Art has no limits

This is relaxed and creative team bonding programme that turns you into artists with no limits. Your greatest allies will be brush,canvas and paints. With help of our painting instructors, we will create a painting which will consist several canvases that will all together form one big painting.

Crazy olympics

It doesn’t matter where and when in Slovenia we carry out the Crazy Olympics programme, because it always offers great relaxation in combination with BBQ, great music and entertaining team challenges.

Olives, wine and truffles - Slovenian Istria

Thanks to the diversity of the Slovenian coast, we were able to design a programme that takes you between the olive groves and the sea. You’ll improve your teamwork atmosphere through old Istrian customs and traditions. Without Istrian winemakers and truffle hunters, it will not work.

Gigantic games

Are you organising an event for your business partners and colleagues, but can’t think of anything to make it more fun? Our advice: a simple and relaxed party with a gigantic table top and other types of games. You can hang out and play random or we can arrange a tournament system. We\'ll organise by your choice.

Pirates Without Borders

Turn into pirates and build your own vessel and try to win the carefully guarded treasure. Will you manage to get past the ambush where you will be shot by catapults? A creative and fun adventure teambuilding program is the perfect complement to BBQ or business event by the sea, river or lake.


What to choose, what’s the difference?

When deciding on a team building programme, you should consider the goal you want to achieve. Is it employees having fun and socialising, or do you want experiential learning based on team communication, organisation, motivation and trust? It is thus important to know if you want a team building programme (experiential learning and education at a location outside the workplace) or team bonding (socialising, fun and strengthening team relationships outside the workplace).

Team building programmes can vary considerably, and are much more than an opportunity to socialise and have fun with colleagues or work partners. Team building is an expert-led programme that involves various problem-solving team challenges to directly improve team communication, organisation, motivation and trust. A good team building programme is often upgraded with a soft skills workshop that functions as an introduction to the programme and outlines the main themes of experiential learning. Every good team building programme requires reflection – a summary of the achievements by the whole team and individuals after each team challenge, as well as at the conclusion of the team building programme. At the same time, we also review how the newly acquired knowledge and experience can be transferred to your business environment. You can choose between one-day or multi-day team building programmes. The best results are achieved when the team is brought to a new and unfamiliar environment, where they spend at least one night. We can also upgrade team building programmes by repeating team building exercises with the same team, while the topic under discussion changes. Such upgraded team building programmes are what we call team development.

In addition to experiential learning in team building exercises, we also offer team bonding programmes, which are an excellent motivational tool for building trust, company loyalty and positive workplace relationships. These are the so-called Fun Team Building programmes, with an almost unlimited range of options for you to have fun and socialise with your colleagues. Of course, a good Fun Team Building programme is never complete without a picnic, a party and team challenges. Fun Team Building programmes are typically one-day events.

The Maya Team has been hosting team-building programs for two decades and we have many satisfied customers behind us. We run team-building programs throughout Slovenia and even beyond our borders. In our many years of experience, we have tried a huge selection of locations with verified partners. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to work with you in choosing the perfect location and program for your team. Welcome!