Corporate triathlon in the Soča valley

Corporate triathlon in the Soča valley

Available: April - November

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 25

Location: Soča Valley

Duration: two days (sleeping in tents or in hotel or other private accommodations) )

Focus: communication, organisation, motivation and trust inside the team

Recommended: IT departments, executives, small business groups, management teams, R&D, marketing and sales departments

The programme begins with an interactive soft skills workshop on the four key team skills (comunication, organization, motivation and trust). The entire programme except soft skills workshop takes place outdoors, offering participants new practical skills and and increases loyalty to the company.

We carry it out following the “practice-to-practice” principle, which means that the team assignments enable a direct transfer of knowledge obtained to the work environment. An analysis of individual and team performance is carried out using the FSNP method (forming, storming, norming, performing). After the programme is completed, we discuss it with the participants and deliver a written report on its implementation to the client. We didn't forgott about the evening's relaxation, where we have a special theme night ready for you. The program is a great choice for anyone who wants concrete results and obvious progress in completing mission and challenges in your buisnies invoirment.