Basics of teamwork skills

Basics of teamwork skills

Available: all year-round

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 20

Location: anywhere, can be also at your company address

Duration: 3 hours (with one coffe break)

Focus: we meet with the client in advance and tailor the programme to suit the client’s preferences and needsin visoka motivacija zaposlenih, komunikacija in organizacija znotraj timov

Recommended: R&D, marketing and sales departments, IT departments, executives...

This dynamic interactive programme offers many new skills and approaches concerning team organisation and management. We use modern methods recommended by recognized international experts.

The participants will try out various team roles (leader, organiser, motivator, coordinator, folower..). By acting out various team roles we link theory to practice and transfer the skills and experiences gained into your business environment. This programme has proved an excellent tool for bringing employees closer together and bonding them into a team, in which every individual works towards the company’s shared goals.