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Curling is an attractive group game, similar to bowls, only it’s played on ice. Playing on ice looks simple, and in fact ... it’s just fantastic and great fun! Most importantly, you don\'t need skates to enjoy the ice. Don\'t miss the opportunity to have a fantastic event on the ice.

Crazy winter olympics

Our Olympics are not only the craziest, but also the most fun and hilarious. Regardless of the event location, there are dozens of different and sympathetic challenges where you\'ll also enjoy the fresh air. The Olympics are a great complement to various business events, or independent program as well.


Winter team building programmes, especially when blessed with snow, are truly special team experiences. All you need are some warm winter clothes.  Winter team building programmes are usually one-day events. We organise the “Crazy Winter Olympics”, snowshoe trips in the wilderness, snowmobile riding, and have great fun along the way. Our most in-depth and unique winter team building programme is called “The Escape into the Snowy Fairy-tale”, which combines two different winter team building programmes. We set off into the “wilderness” on snowshoes, build igloos, sleep in them, cook and strengthen our relationships. Those who’d rather not sleep in an igloo can always return to a hotel room, although in our experience everyone who builds an igloo wants to sleep in it. Winter has a power all its own and winter team building programmes have proven, time and time again, that we’re capable of much more than it might seem at first glance. This is also one of the key takeaways of our winter team building programmes – where there’s will, there’s a way.