Cycling along the Mura river

Cycling along the Mura river

Available: May - November

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 40

Location: Mura Valley

Duration: whole day program(as agreed with the client; overnight accommodation also available)

Focus: socialising, team organisation, management and communication

Recommended: IT departments, executives, small business groups, management teams, R&D, marketing and sales departments

We’ve decided to explore the Mura Valley on bicycle because the Prekmurje plain contains no steep ascents and descents, and is suitable for cycling enthusiasts of all abilities. This programme features lots of nice surprises, hidden nooks, teamwork activities and culinary delights. Its goal is to inspire participants for new creative projects, while enhancing their perseverance and promoting cooperation and trust in both individuals and the team.

The programme can also include overnight accommodation. In this case the programme also includes pottery workshop and a few other Prekmurje secrets.