General terms and conditions for online bookings for a campsite made via reservation system on website

1. General provisions

Maya Team Travel Agency d.o.o. and the entities and persons carrying out the activity in the camping (hereinafter MTTA) will try to ensure the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the data on its website with the necessary care in designing the website, but does not assume any responsibility for their accuracy and completeness. All website users use all published content at their own risk. Neither MTTA nor any other legal or natural person who participated in the creation and production of this website is responsible for any damage arising from access, use or inability to use the information on this website or for any errors or omissions in their content.

In these general terms for camp Labrca, all users of the website of the company MTTA and visitors to the Camp Labrca are referred to as Guests. All information and images contained on the MTTA website are subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection within the legally permitted framework. The documents published on this website may only be reproduced for noncommercial purposes, provided that all copyright or other notices are stated and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. Trademarks and service marks appearing on these pages are registered trademarks of MTTA or the said company has the right to use them.

MTTA reserves the right to change the content of these websites at any time, in any way and for any reason without prior notice. In doing so, it assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

The general terms of purchase or online reservations have the character of a contract. In the case of online reservations, it is considered that the Guest has read these General Terms of and agrees with them.


2. Protection of privacy and use of personal data

MTTA will protect all obtained data on Guests in accordance with the applicable Slovenian and European legislation.


3. Reservation of the capacities

MTTA offers on its website the possibility of direct reservation. The Guest secures the reservation with a valid credit card number. The Guest's credit card serves as a guarantee for the Guest's arrival. If the Guest fails to arrive or in case of cancellation of the reservation, we will charge the Guest's credit card an amount in accordance with the cancellation terms or the general terms of the campsite, about which the Guest will be informed via the email address provided during registration. Within five days from the submission of the reservation, MTTA will charge the Guest's credit card for an amount equal to 100% of the proforma invoice sent in order to confirm the reservation of the campsite pitch. After the transaction is completed, we will send an official reservation confirmation along with a transaction confirmation to the email address the Guest provided. The prepayment will be deducted from the final amount upon checkout. If we are unable to charge the Guest's credit card for the aforementioned amount, the reservation will not be considered/confirmed. In case of an incorrectly provided email address, your reservation will not be considered.


4. Prices, discounts, descriptions of packages and services

All capacity prices are in EUR and include 9.5% VAT. The price does not include the tourist tax. The price of the capacity and the tourist tax depends on the guest's age upon checkout. Prices are for informational purposes only and may change in the final calculation. Prices vary depending on the season. Various discounts will be calculated later upon your checkout. Discounts cannot be combined. MTTA reserves the right to change prices, written text, and descriptions of content without prior notice. All services are charged at the prices valid on the day the services are used. Images are symbolic in nature and do not always fully reflect the actual state.


5. Special terms

Upon arrival, all guests and pets staying at the campsite must be registered (regardless of the guest's age). Failure to comply with the above, we reserve the right to charge the Guest a higher service price or deny them accommodation. Upon registration, the Guest is assigned a camping pitch, which they can occupy according to the selected Zone. In case of non-observance of the allocated camping pitch, MTTA may request a surcharge or a move to the assigned pitch from the Guest. Upon arrival, the guest receives a parcel number plate, which they must return upon departure. Failure to do so will result in a penalty fee of 50 euros.

The Guest can choose the location, i.e., ZONE 1 or ZONE 2, and the number of pitches upon reservation. MTTA determines the specific pitch number (camping space). The Guest will receive information about the specific camping pitch no later than upon arrival. MTTA will strive to find a suitable pitch available during the desired reservation period, according to the Guest's wishes. If the desired zone or pitch is not available during the Guest's expected arrival time (e.g., if that part of the campsite is closed, damaged, or undergoing uncompleted maintenance work), MTTA will offer the Guest the most similar type of accommodation available.

When making a reservation, the guest must choose the number of adults and the number of children. If desired, they can also select additional services. All services and quantities incorrectly provided in your reservation will be charged according to the regular price list.


6. Reservation Cancellation - Cancellation Policy:

Guests are entitled to cancel their reservation. In the event of such cancellation, TAMT reserves the right to reimbursement of cancellation costs in accordance with the specified deadlines. The cancellation terms and reimbursement conditions are clearly defined and accessible to customers on the website In the event of guest cancellation and refund by TAMT for the already paid reservation, TAMT commits to reimbursing the guest's payment to their bank account (IBAN) in a percentage corresponding to the days specified in the cancellation period. TAMT will process the refund within 90 days from the date the guest provides written notification of the cancellation. Guests are required to provide their bank name and IBAN for the purpose of refunding the specified percentage of the reservation payment.


Conditions of reservation cancellation at Camp Labrca:

for every cancellation 60 or more days before your arrival the cancellation is free of charge;

from 59 to 31 days before the arrival, the camp shall retain or charge 30% of the agreed price;

from 30 to 8 days before the arrival the camp shall retain or charge 50% of the agreed price;

from 7 to 2 days before the arrival the camp shall retain or charge 80% of the agreed price;

from 2 to 0 days before the arrival, the camp shall retain or charge 100% of the agreed price;

non-attendance without cancellation – the camp shall retain or charge 100% of the agreed

Reservation cancellation due to force majeure:

The Guest can claim the mentioned cancellation in the following circumstances:

Death, accident or unexpected deterioration in health that prevents the Guest from travelling. A medical certificate or death certificate must be submitted upon claiming. The medical certificate must be issued before the start date of the trip. The medical certificate must contain an indication that the Guest is incapable of travelling or that travel is not recommended for medical reasons.

Death of relatives (spouse, cohabiting partner, parents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter, grandparents), which prevents the Guest from traveling. A death certificate is required for claiming.

Accidents or unexpected deterioration in the health of the Guest's close relatives (spouse, cohabiting partner, parents, children, brother or sister), which prevents the Guest from traveling due to necessary care or hospitalization. A medical certificate must be submitted upon claiming. The medical certificate must be issued before the start date of the trip.

Mobilization of civil protection and invitations by judicial and administrative authorities, where the presence of the Guest is mandatory. Upon claiming, it is necessary to submit an official invitation from a judicial or administrative authority or the competent civil protection authority.

The Guest has the right to cancel the reservation due to force majeure and thus to get a refund for the funds paid only and exclusively in the event that the contract/reservation is cancelled no later than one day before the expected beginning of the stay in the camping, stated in the reservation. The Guest must cancel the reservation in writing via e-mail at or in person at the MTTA offices. The reservation must be cancelled no later than one day before the beginning of the stay no later than 15:00 (3:00 PM). If the Guest does not cancel the reservation in writing by the day set as the beginning of the stay in the camping in accordance with the reservation, they have no right to claim a refund of the funds paid. Force majeure must be documented by valid official documents and in such a way that it could not have been foreseen or avoided before the conclusion of the contract.

In the event that a client cancels the reservation due to natural disasters, epidemic, pandemic, war, or other force majeure circumstances beyond the control of MTTA, no refund will be provided. However, MTTA will work with the client to determine a mutually agreeable new time slot to provide the camp Labrca services within a maximum period of two years from the point at which the reason for cancellation is resolved.