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MINI RAFT - rent

Adventure on Soča River begins with mini raft rental in our agency. Rafting in one of the most beautiful river in the world, overlooking the surrounding hills can be a relaxing experience or a romantic gateway for two. On the section Kamno - Tolmin or Tolmin - Most na Soči you will find hidden places beside Soča River, where you can swim, sunbathe or just find your own secret spot under the sun.


SUP is popular sport which tests your balance, paddling skills and possibility to fall in refreshing water. If you combine all this with a trip to the Soča Valley, to emerald beauty Soča river and the beautiful hills that will surround you during SUP, you have a great idea for a fun day - hire a SUP at the Maya team agency.


Have a great day and rent a classic or sit on top kayak at the Labrca Sports and Recreation Center. You can rent a boat to paddle on the section between Kobarid - Most na Soči. Beginners are advised to start at Labrca, and those who already have experience can descend from Volarje, Kamno or Kobarid. All equipment is included in the rental price. Arrangement for transport to the point of entry is also possible.


The Labrca Sports and Recreation Center offers the possibility of renting CUBE Hardtile mountain bikes. You can rent a bike for an hour or two, half a day, a full day or several days. In addition to the bike, the rental price includes a helmet and a lock so you can park your bike carelessly when you smell food or have a drink.


Those who prefer more privacy and are not fans of guided tours will appreciate the variety of sports equipment we have available for rent. We’ll make sure that the equipment you rent from us suits your needs.  We rent mountain bikes, SUPs, kayaks, mini rafts, sit-on-top kayaks, everything else you need for water sports. Equipment such as a neoprene suits and boots, paddles, life jackets, helmets, spraydecks, and dry boxes can be rented separately. Those who would like to spend the night at Labrca can rent a tent, sleeping bag, and a self-inflating air mattress.

Renting equipment means that you’ll be undertaking activities and trips independently. The section of the Soča River that can be explored on your own, with a rented boat and without a guide, stretches from Labrca to Most na Soči. This section is very calm, with one small rapid at the beginning, followed by a class I section, where you can enjoy relaxed paddling in your rented boat. Prior experience with the equipment is usually not required, since this section of the Soča River is suitable for self-guided trips. One exception is classic kayaks, which require more stability and may be dangerous if used incorrectly. This is why we advise all novices interested in kayaks to first try a sit-on-top kayak, which is specially designed for beginners and is thus much more stable and manageable. If you happen to flip over, it will not fill with water, unlike a classic kayak, so you can easily turn it over, climb back in and continue paddling. All you need when renting equipment is a love of paddling and exploring the hidden corners of the Soča River. Before you set off on your adventure with rented equipment, we’ll schedule the pick-up time to bring you back to the Labrca sports and recreation centre, since the rental price includes transfer. It’s important that you arrive at the agreed location at the agreed time.  This does not apply to bicycle rentals, since you always start and finish at Labrca. Welcome!

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