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CANYONING - Peršjak canyon

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Going down natural slides formed by water over the centuries, jumping and rappelling down the waterfalls, hiking along the canyon and swimming in crystal clear natural pools. Yes, all of this is canyoning. Your biggest challenge will be the 27m high waterfall, which gives everyone huge adrenaline rush.


Canyoning is the right choice for all fans of adrenaline sports! Visit us in Tolmin and join us on an unforgettable trip into the Pršjak canyon. What is canyoning anyway? Canyoning could be defined as overcoming natural obstacles in a canyon that has taken millennia to form. In other words, a natural waterpark.

Canyoning involves diving into natural, breathtakingly beautiful pools, swimming in streams and going down waterfalls – natural slides carved by water. The tallest waterfall that you’ll meet is 27 meters high. If the sight of the waterfall leaves you feeling weak in the knees, you can always walk around it and thus avoid rappelling down with a rope. Although we’re sure that with the help of your guide you’ll find the courage to go down, and complete your canyoning adventure in full. The guides who accompany you are licensed and trained for canyoning. It’s important that you listen to them and follow their instructions, as this helps keep everyone safe, which is always our priority. Canyoning requires special equipment, which we provide.

When everyone gathers at our sports and recreation centre in Labrca, we first introduce you to the guides who outfit you with all the gear that you need for canyoning. This includes a 5mm thick neoprene wetsuit, neoprene boots, a helmet, life jacket, and climbing harness. Once you have the gear, a van takes you to the gorge, which is about a half an hour’s drive away. You change into the canyoning gear in the parking lot. Canyoning requires no prior experience. Before setting off on your adventure, you must first reach the entrance to the gorge. The walk there takes from 20 to 30 minutes, and you need to carry all your gear. We adjust our pace so everyone can reach the top. Once there, the guide explains the safety rules, demonstrates the first plunge and descent, and the fun can begin! Welcome!

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Definitely! Canyoning is not an activity for everyone. It is especially not for anyone who is afraid of heights. It's for real adrenaline enthusiasts! As you descend over the waterfalls and jump into the beautiful pools, you will be shrieking with excitement and joy! The most exciting is a 27-meter waterfall, down which we will lower you halfway with a rope, with a freefall for the last 13 meters. Exciting isn't it?