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MINI RAFTING: Kamno - Tolmin

Mini rafting is an attractive and unique experience in Soča River for all nature lovers and outdoor fans. Unlike a regular raft, only two or three people are sitting on a mini raft. Accompanied by a guide, you will paddle down the Soča river from Kamno to Tolmin, where the flow of the river is calmer, and you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Soča Valley.


The mini-raft trip has been selected as the most popular social event for several seasons in a row. Rafting with your dearest ones along the most beautiful Slovenian river, with stunning views unspoiled nature all around you, and finally a BBQ, is certainly a great idea for a short break in nature. Highly recommended!


An adventure for a party of two or three? Mini rafting is just the thing – the right mix of adrenaline and fun.

Mini rafts are small rafting boats that can carry two or three people. You and your companions are alone on the raft, while a guide in a kayak accompanies you and instructs you on how to negotiate the river. Mini rafting trips take place on the River Soča from Kamna to Labrca, where you’ll enjoy class I–II rapids, on a scale from I to VI. All you need on a mini rafting trip is a swimsuit and a towel, we provide everything else. You’ll be accompanied by a trained local guide who’ll not only give you directions but also teach you how to paddle and what to do if your boat flips over. The price includes liability insurance and transport costs.

A mini rafting trip can be undertaken by just about anyone. If you bring your spouse or partner, a mini rafting trip can be a great opportunity to create an even stronger bond and lasting memories. A mini rafting trip is also great fun for families with kids, since you’ll set up a water slide along the way! Of course, you can also go mini rafting with your friends – the more the merrier!

In addition to regular mini rafting trips, we also offer a full-day mini rafting trip with a picnic. This trip takes you from Kobarid to Labrca, where we have a picnic by the Soča, play various sports games, and take a break for a swim. Mini rafting is the right choice if you want to discover the Soča River in all its splendour. Our guests come back from this trip with big smiles on their faces and many return for more, so book your trip in advance.

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