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The SIT ON TOP kayak is a perfect boat for all beginners. Here you get perfect opportunity to start with kayaking life. The big advantage is that with this type of kayak you sit outside. You are not closed in a boat, as you are in the classic kayak. The boats are also extremely stable and it is very easy to steer with them. Join us and have a great fun.


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Kayaking from Kamno to Tolmin is also suitable for beginners. It begins with basics of sitting in a boat and paddling and continues with a descent along the rapids of Soča River on sections I-II. Even though you will train your skills individually in your own kayak, you are constantly accompanied by a guide who will make your experience unforgettable.

Kayak course - 2 days

Kayaking is a step in the right direction when you decide, it \'s time to make kayaking as part of your life. The Maya Kayak School offers you a school of basic kayaking skills and various advanced programs. Welcome all beginners as well as everyone with WW experience. The kayak school is organised in different sections on the Soča River.


The Escimo-roll is the base for everyone who like to become a good kayaker. It\'s base if you want to make progress. It allows you to develop and upgrade your paddling technique and discover new and attractive parts of different rivers all around in the world. Once you know how to use escimo roll, you\'ll be much more self-confident and, above all, saves you a lot of energy as there is no longer any unnecessary swimming and emptying the boat.


The trips are suitable for complete beginners, for those with some experience, and for those who would like to become true kayak experts.

We offer guided kayak trips for all lovers of paddling who want to discover the Soča River in a more intimate way. On a kayak trip, you’re the master of your boat. Before you set off, our guides will give you all the necessary equipment and then get you started on the basics of kayaking. Since you’re on your own in a kayak, the guide steers you down the river, providing instructions and advice on how to overcome various challenges. These include class I–II and III rapids (on a scale of I to VI), which you’ll encounter during the trip. We guarantee that you’ll have a great time, and who knows – kayaking might even become your new favourite sport!

If you have bigger ambitions, or have paddled before and would like to experience something more, we recommend that you join our kayak school, where you can choose among courses of various lengths. Our professional instructors will help you develop kayak paddling techniques, while introducing you to the more challenging sections of the Soča River.

However, if you find kayaking too much of a challenge, but would still like to try your hand at paddling on the Soča River, a sit-on-top kayak trip is just the thing for you. Guided sit-on-top kayak trips have become very popular in the last couple of seasons, and are among the top three Maya Team activities by number of participants. Everyone returns from these trips smiling and happy. Sit-on-tops are kayaks with an open design where you sit on top, whereas in a classic kayak you sit inside the boat, covered with a spraydeck. The main advantage of a sit-on-top kayak is that it is much more stable and tracks very well. Therefore, a sit-on-top kayak is much more suitable for beginners, as it provides more comfort and a better sense of security. Sit-on-top kayak trips take place on the same section of the Soča River as classic kayak trips, from Kamno to Labrca. A sit-on-top kayak trip is much less demanding than a trip on a classic kayak, and thus suitable for children aged 10 or above who are good swimmers.

Come and try your hand at paddling on one of the world’s most beautiful rivers. Welcome to the Soča River!

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Good news, you can take a kayak trip even if you are a beginner! Our experienced guides will take you through the rapids and teach you to how to handle a paddle and catch the flow of the Soča River. For those of you with no experience, we recommend starting on a sit-on-top kayak, because it is much easier to master. Those with experience can try their hand on the river in a traditional kayak.