Team building programi

Team building programmes

The team building programmes organised by Maya Team have proven their worth on countless occasions. 12 years ago, our agency was no exception in thinking that team building can be a classic rafting or canyoning activity. Then simply throw in a picnic for good measure and you are the winner. The Soča River is truly one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, but unfortunately that is not enough for an excellent team building exercise.

We started to take an active interest in team building activities

Therefore, in 2004 we decided to start taking an active interest in team building exercises. We started visiting team building education centres abroad and gained most of our knowledge in England. However, rafting, canyoning, kayaking, cycling and other sports programmes have remained our most recognised trump cards. Despite all the time and extra effort invested, we have not been seen as one of the best known team building agencies in Slovenia for a long time now. We heard the same story, wherever we went. Maya Agency specialises in rafting, cycling, canyoning and kayaking. They know how to make these activities even more fun with a great picnic, where team members create unforgettable atmosphere.

Maya offers a lot more than just rafting

When realising this, the staff at Maya Agency came to the same conclusion. We must send out a message to Slovenia and the rest of the world that Maya offers a lot more than just rafting, canyoning, kayaking or cycling. We do not offer just a classic barbecue picnic. We work closely with various catering establishments that are able to prepare exquisite food at the various outdoor and indoor locations selected by the client. In order to get the message across, we conducted a few marketing campaigns in various parts of Slovenia. The goal of the campaigns was simple. To dismantle the myth that the Soča River is the only place where Maya Agency can carry out its activities.

Team building is not a trip into the unknown

We wanted to make it clear that team building is not a trip into the unknown (rafting, canyoning, cycling or kayaking with a picnic party) but instead a way to educate staff members on the value of strong communication, organisation, motivation and trust in a company setting. Today I can say that all these efforts have paid off. The Maya Team has become one of the most valued and recognised organisers of team building programmes in Slovenia. But that’s not all. Through the knowledge acquired, we managed to merge the rafting and team building experiences. The Soča River and other natural wonders give us the ideal framework to provide experience-based training programmes for various employee profiles. A decade of experience in team building has enabled us to start performing a high-quality mix of three kinds of experience or programme. We call it the Power Mix (PM). It involves a selection of details, techniques and elements of team building (educational programmes), team bonding (social events) and incentives (motivational programmes). We have received fantastic feedback from our clients about all our Power Mix programmes. We are especially proud of the fact that our clients are becoming increasingly aware of the differences between our sports tourism and team building programmes.