10 Santa Secrets

10 Santa Secrets

Available: November and December

Recommended number of participants: 15 to 80

Location: Ljubljana

Duration: 2 - 3 h + lunch or dinner

Focus: team bonding, creativity and high motivation of employees

Recommended: all companies that want to reward their employees for past successes and motivate them for new victories

All 10 carefully guarded Santa's mysteries must be solved with the help of elves and their clues. This will overcome the magic that makes Santa's gear hidden in different parts of Ljubljana. With the help of Santa's elves, you will first find a location where an important task waits for you.

With each successfully completed task, one Santa's mystery will be open. You will receive one piece of Santa's gear in return for each successful solved secret. Will you be able to solve all 10 mysteries and help Santa to deliver children gifts in his perfect outfit?

Get ready for one more fantastic fun, unique and creative program which we create that you can enjoy.