Culinary team challenges

Culinary team challenges

Available: all year-round

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 30

Location: a range of options are available

Duration: 3 - 5 hours

Focus: having fun in a creative and relaxed way

Recommended: all companies

Everyone has various hidden talents. We’re sure there are many home cooks and fans of cooking among you. Let our master chefs introduce you to the world of culinary delights. Delegating tasks and setting detailed goals turns cooking into an art form and a unique team experience.

This workshop will show you that culinary creativity has no limits. You might even get an idea how to pleasantly surprise your family or friends with one of your new recipes.
This programme shows you how to prepare the mise en place, introduces you to various ingredients, and teaches you how to delegate work in the kitchen, set the table, cook, select wine and serve the prepared meals. In short, it offers a fantastic culinary adventure!