Sangria, three in one

Sangria, three in one

Available: all year-round

Recommended number of participants: 20 - 200

Location: a range of options are available

Duration: 2 hours + dinner

Focus: high employee motivation, teamwork, positive atmosphere among employees

Recommended: as a nice addition to business dinners, seminars and conferences

This social event is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxed evening having fun with their colleagues or business partners.

The programme starts when we divide you in to the teams and short presentation of wine history.

After we form teams of winemakers who have made it to the world championship, where we compete in producing this famous beverage, sales promotion and brand consolidation. Each team “owns” a wine cellar, where it must design and produce a new brand of high-quality Sangria. They decide how to develop and produce the beverage using the goods available on the market. The flavours may vary greatly, depending on the type of wine, fruit, spirits and other ingredients used. Who’ll get the award for the best Sangria recipe, the best advertising campaign and the most creative logo?
Let the exciting salsa party begin! We can organise your event before or after dinner. We guarantee great fun.