Let\'s build our own igloo

Let's build our own igloo

Available: December - March (depending on snow conditions)

Recommended number of participants: 10 - 50

Location: Pokljuka Plateau, Kranjska Gora, Bohinj, Mount Rogla, Pohorje Mountains, Logar Valley

Duration: as agreed with the client

Focus: high employee motivation, teamwork, helping each other

Recommended: everyone interested in experiential team learning in new and unusual conditions.

In order to survive in the tough and merciless environment, the Inuit often build their igloos at several locations. They are forced to do this in their struggle against nature and while hunting for food. There are several techniques for building igloos.

This programme is an amazing experiential learning adventure that takes place in a wild pristine environment. It includes detailed agreed-upon assignments that must be completed by each individual. Every individual must adapt and work together with the rest of the team in order to achieve the common goal.

Real adventurers can also opt to spend the night in the igloo and take a cooking course out in the wild.