A giant pyramid

A giant pyramid

Available: all year-round

Recommended number of participants: 20 to 150 (the larger is group, more attractive is pyramid)

Location: anywhere, indoor or outdoor

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Focus: developing team communication and organisation skills

Recommended: as an added value at various conferences, seminars or BBQ party\'s

The participants will be divided into teams, with a task to build a giant pyramid. The tasks are structured in such a way that the participants will be divided between constructors, creatives and artists. To achive the goal, it will take a lot of ingenuity and a variety of gadgets. But no worry, we will take care of everything.

Your part is to enjoy yourselves and at the same time build awareness of the strength of the team and teamwork. Great music will be part of event.

We guarantee fantastic and unforgettable fun packed with positive team energy!