Crazy olympics

Crazy olympics

Available: April - October

Recommended number of participants: 20 to 250

Location: Anywhere, depending on the client’s preferences

Duration: 2 - 3 hours (as agreed with the client and depended on the size of group) + BBQ

Focus: High employee motivation, teamwork, positive competitive spirit

Recommended: As a nice addition to various corporate events, anniversaries, corporate outdoor parties

This is the summer version of the crazy Olympics, which includes a range of fun and, if the client so prefers, wet, relay games. The perfect solution to help your colleagues or business partners relax and unwind.

The goals seem impossible to achieve at first glance, but you’ll be able to achieve them with joint efforts, which will further strengthen your team bonds. We’ll tailor the challenges and assignments at the crazy Olympics to your preferences and needs. You’ll become like carefree children who care for nothing else than to have fun. Resourcefulness, laughter and a good mood are the only things that count. This is an event you’ll never forget, and it’ll make you laugh whenever you think of it. This exceptional event is filled with positive energy and makes everyone laugh.