Available: March - October

Recommended number of participants: 20 to 200

Location: anywhere (outdoor or indoor)

Duration: 3 - 4 hours (depending on the number of participants)

Focus: creativity, organisation of work and time, communication skills, planning, teamwork

Recommended: management teams, R&D, marketing and sales departments, supplement to conferences or seminars ...

Participants of Grand Prix race will be divided to the teams. They will will sign a sponsor contract and sponsorship resources will be given to the team. You will qualify for the World Finals of Formula 1 Designers and Competitors. From the materials provided, you will need to build up a formula that is appropriately crafted, able to maneuver, and at the same time be the fastest in competition. We will run the competition on a special polygon - a little left a little right, and a lot of laughter and fun in between. The driver will have to work with the team through a demanding technical inspection, where the commission will award certificates to all formulas that will meet the technical and safety requirements for the Grand Final.

The event is a fantastic choice for companies looking for new and attractive challenges while encouraging collaboration in the team, developing organizational methods, consolidating relationships while enhancing employee loyalty.