Spy games

Spy games

Available: all year-round

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 100

Location: Ljubljana

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Focus: socialising and high employee motivation

Recommended: companies that want to reward their employees or business partners with an unforgettable spy adventure.

A unique team bonding programme with high added value that encourages teamwork, raises motivation and stimulates creativity among employees.

Expect lots of action, laughter and fun during these two - three hours.  To round off the evening, we’ll watch the highlights of your day recorded by our hidden cameras.

You are divided into teams and move between various points that you try to find by using various hints, solving riddles, and receiving information via internet, fax and voicemail. How to find the suitcase containing confidential data, maps, hints, timetables and other key information for locating and deactivating the chemical bomb as quickly as possible? You’ll have to use all available techniques and skills. You’ll have to take pictures of suspects, buy and exchange goods, change the paswords and do many other things. You’ll only succeed if you work well together and pay attention to every tiny detail that may prove key to completing the assignment. Spying has never been such fun!

The programme ends with a pleasant and relaxed lunch or dinner.