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Performing activities: 15th March to 15th October

Number of participants: 20

More participants: if you wish to book for more than 15 people, please send us an Inquiry

We start with 20-minute exciting drive in our 4X4 vehicles that will take you to Krnica valley, our first Zipline point. Once there, the tourist guide will advise you on all the rules you need to follow, explain the basics, and hook you up on the steel wire using special safety belt making sure you are safe and ready to fly. The drop down five steel wires is 3km long and approximately 200 m above ground. While dropping, you can reach a velocity of 60km/h. The adventure ends about 300m lower, slightly above Kanin’s gondola lift B station. The adventure takes at least 3 hours, we highly recommend you wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.

travel time from the maya outdoor centre to the starting point

app 30 min


approx. 1.5 to 2 hours + transport, changing clothes and giving safety instructions.

additional information and booking

Call us on +386 (0) 51 31 29 72 or write to us at