CANYONING - Peršjak canyon

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CANYONING - Peršjak canyon

Performing activities: May - September

Number of participants: 10

You’ll become like a playful child having the time of his life. All you need is a sense of adventure. No experience needed.

We’ll give you all the required equipment (5-mm wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, protective pants and neoprene shoes) and a ride to the canyoning starting point, where you’ll change your clothes and put on your equipment. Your dry clothes will be waiting for you in the minibus. You’ll walk for approx. 20 min to the canyon entry point, which will warm you up and prepare you for the two- to three-hour adventure.

You’ll walk along a nice forest trail past the 27-metre waterfall that will be your biggest challenge. And there’ll be many other 1–12-metre waterfalls that you’ll have to tackle on the way. Before you set off, our guides will show and teach you all the techniques required for safe canyoning. We’ll also make sure photos are taken to record your endeavours.

Morning guided canyoning tours are exceptionally carried out every day at 8.30 am, regardless of the fact that the reservation system will offer you the option of booking at 9.00 am. 


  • A towel,
  • a swimsuit, and
  • a dry T-shirt.


  • Guides,
  • transport,
  • complete set of canyoning gear (wetsuit, life jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet and protective pants) and
  • liability insurance.

Canyoning is a big hit with adrenaline junkies and is great fun for all beginners. It’s suitable for anyone over the age of ten who wants to experience a positive and unforgettable adventure.


  • Canyoning trips are available every day from 15th March to 15th October in all weather conditions (except in the event of high water flow or other hazards). Advance booking required.
  • You can choose between morning canyoning trips starting at 8.30 or afternoon canyoning trips starting at 13.30.



  • Guests under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are not allowed on canyoning trips.
  • Pregnant women, non-swimmers and people with heart problems should not go canyoning.
  • People with various health problems (injuries, asthma, diabetes, psychophysical disorders) should consult our guides before the trip.

travel time from the maya outdoor centre to the starting point

approx. 25 min.


The canyoning trip takes two to three hours in the canyon + transport, changing clothes, walking to the starting point and giving safety instructions.

additional information and booking

Call us on +386 (0) 51 31 29 72 or write to us at