Kayak course - 2 days

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Kayak course - 2 days

Performing activities: 15 March - 15 October

High season: 15 June - 15 September

Number of participants: 10

For all those who want to become true kayakers, we have prepared several different options in the agency Maya team, but all the same, that the minimum number of persons is 2 participants and maximum 10 in one group. We provide to all participants full equipment which is already included in the price of the kayak school.


We provide kayak school two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. We teach the basic techniques of paddling, kayaking straight and stopping in eddy currents. The one-day kayak school runs on a grade I-II section.

We provide Kayak school two days two hours in the morning and two days two hours in the afternoon. We learn the basic techniques of rpaddling, kayaking straight, stopping in eddy currents, starting from eddy to main stream and crossing the river. The two-day kayak school runs on a grade II-III section.

Advanced kayaking school is carried out in agreement with the client. It usually lasts from three to five days, on different sections of the Soča River. In advanced kayaking, we teach advanced kayaking techniques to help experienced kayakers acquire new skills that help them overcome even the most demanding parts of the Soča River. Condition for participating in Advanced kayaking school is that the participants know how to use Eskimo roll.


Send us an inquiry, let us know which kayak school is best for you and at what dates you would like to visit us. We will prepare an offer that includes accommodation and food at your request as well. You can choose between accommodation in a hotel or apartment, you can choose caming. You can rent tents with us, you can bring your own.

In any case, WELCOME to the Kayak School Maya team with a 22 year's of tradition!


Low season200.00 €

High season300.00 €

Maximum number of people is 15
Maximum number of people (adults + children) is 15, minimum number is 2
From the age of 13 years shall be paid adult ticket. Age is counted on the day of the activity. We check the age with a identity card.
Online reservations can be reserved for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people (sum total of adults and children). Edit the information and click "Show calendar" again. If you want to book less than 2 people or more than 10 people please write to info@maya.si or call us on 00386 51 312 972, we will do our best to satisfy your wish.
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  • A towel,
  • a swimsuit,
  • a dry T-shirt,
  • a smile on your face.


  • Guides, 
  • transport, 
  • complete set of equipment, 
  • liability insurance.

Kayaking on the Soča has long been a synonym for an outdoor adventure that thrills a wide variety of groups visiting the Soča Valley. Come and try it out for yourself!


  • Kayaking trips are available every day from 15th March to 15th October in all weather conditions (except in the event of high water flow or other hazards). Advance booking required!
  • You can choose between morning kayaking trips starting at 9.00 or afternoon kayaking trips starting at 13.30 and 16.00.


  • Guests under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are not allowed on kayaking trips. 
  • Pregnant women, non-swimmers and people with heart problems should not go kayaking. 
  • People with various health problems (injuries, asthma, diabetes, psychophysical disorders) should consult our guides before the trip.


one day, two days or three days

additional information and booking

Call us on +386 (0) 51 31 29 72 or write to us at info@maya.si.