I, the undersigned (UPPERCASE LETTERS)

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  1. The campsite is reserved for guests who have registered at the reception and paid the overnight camping fee according to the price list provided by the Maya Outdoor Centre.
  2. The use of toilet and shower facilities is free of charge for Campsite users.
  3. Campsite users pay the camping fee per person per night, plus the tourist tax surcharge determined by the municipal ordinance.
  4. For the duration of your stay at the Labrca Campsite, your tent must display the camping number and you are required to wear the wristband, both of which you receive at registration. The camping number and the wristband confirm your camp registration and payment of the required fees.
  5. If you wish to extend your stay, you must first check whether this is possible at the reception desk. If an extension is possible, you will be asked to pay additional overnight camping fees.
  6. The latest time you can check out or extend your stay is 11:00
  7. It is strictly forbidden:
    1. to light any kind of fire;
    2. to wash dishes in the River Soča;
    3. to make noise which could disturb other guests after 22:00.

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and accept the Rules and Regulations for use of the Labrca Campsite.

I understand that if I fail to adhere to the agreed Rules and Regulations, I will be required to leave the Campsite early, regardless of any overnight camping fees already paid. I understand that if I am required to leave the Campsite early, the agency is not obliged to refund any payment already made.

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Receptionist (UPPERCASE LETTERS + signature) Campsite User:

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