September: from 11 am to 9 pm, Wednesday to Sunday / Monday and Tuesday closed





In addition to refreshing cold drinks, coffee and ice cream, we serve fresh and high-quality food of local origin. Our wine and beer list features a selection of top wines and beers.

We give special attention to the quality of our food, so dishes are never prepared in advance. We prepare orders as they come, so please be patient if you have to wait when there’s a large number of guests.

We offer:

  • traditional local dishes,
  • grilled dishes (trout, mixed meats, vegetables),
  • burgers,
  • calamari (stuffed, grilled and fried),
  • pizzas,
  • a variety of freshly prepared salads.

In addition, we can also prepare the following for pre-booked groups of ten or more guests:

  • roast suckling pig, roast lamb or roast kid goat,
  • dishes cooked under a traditional baking lid with various side dishes,
  • campfire soups and stews.

We source ingredients from partners who ensure that they are locally produced. We have our own herb garden, which provides excellent fresh herbs that give our dishes a rich flavour. We never use concentrates and flavour enhancers in our kitchen, but follow our grandmothers’ recipes.

Here are some examples:

  • fresh meat is delivered daily by the Tolmin Agricultural Cooperative;
  • fresh trout is delivered daily by the local Faronika fish farm;
  • ​the beef tenderloin used for our green pepper sauce steak is local, and marinaded for three to four weeks before we serve it to guests;
  • the beef used in our burgers is local and dry-aged for 30 to 40 days;
  • our beef soup is cooked in the traditional way, with meat and bones;
  • we use five different kinds of mushrooms in our mushroom soup;
  • we prepare our own gnocchi and dumplings;
  • we bake several kinds of bread;
  • we use the local Planika cheese with geographic designation of origin to prepare the traditional Tolmin dish Frika;
  • ricotta comes from the Kramar farm, where milk is produced by cows raised exclusively on pasture.