Camp Labrca



Labrca also offers a small campsite in amazing location, just few steps from Soča River. Overnight stay in the tents is available from April 1st to September 30th. Other dates are possible by prior arrangement.

If you don't have your own tent, you can rent one from us for a fee. The tents are designed for two person, equipped with Inflatable mattress and two sleeping bags.

We expect a respectful attitude towards nature from our guests. At the camping area open fire and cooking or other heat treatment of food are strictly forbidden. The camp is not equipped with the infrastructure for washing and cleaning the dishes.

Overnight stay in the tents is only allowed with pre-registration at the Maya reception desk.

Zemljevid Labrce

The price includes the use of campsite, the use of showers and toilets, free wi fi, parking and the use of office electrical outlets for charging phones.



Overnight stay is prohibited for campervans, trailers and other vehicles, because unfortunately we do not meet the necessary conditions under slovenian law. For everyone who needs this kind of services we recommend CAMP SIBER, only 1km from our center.




Sleeping in your own tents

Set up your tent on the location that suits you best.

Sleeping in our tents

The price includes the rental of our tents, which are equipped with a turbo maximus pillow and a sleeping bag. When you arrive at the location the tents are set up for you.