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General information:

Available: March–November
Recommended number of participants: 15–100
Location: Bohinj
Duration: 2–8 hours (depending on the client’s preferences)
Focus: socialising and high employee motivation
Recommended: as a nice addition to various business events. Suitable for IT departments, executives, small business groups, management teams, R&D, marketing and sales departments.

An exciting sports team bonding programme that encourages teamwork and the creativity of participants. Expect lots of action, laughter and fun.

You are divided into teams and bicycle between various points that you try to find by using various hints, solving riddles, and receiving information via internet or fax and other messages. You’ll have to use all the available techniques and skills and even passers-by.
The assignments are amusing and fun. The team with the most points wins. Awards are presented after the picnic, which takes place at a special location. Unwind completely in the wonderful surroundings of Lake Bohinj!

The programme helps develop and promote the following in a team:

  • a positive atmosphere and high employee motivation,
  • personal satisfaction, fun and a good sense of humour,
  • the basics of teamwork.

The participants will learn the following (results achieved):

  • how to delegate and adapt team roles,
  • what are the needs and advantages of teamwork,
  • how to value and respect different personalities,
  • what it feels like to win and enjoy success.

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We carry them out at agreed locations in Slovenia and abroad, depending on the client’s preferences. 

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We provide all the equipment required to carry out a specific programme.

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All participants in our activities are covered by our LIABILITY INSURANCE.

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