Winter fairytale

Winter fairytale

Available: December to March (depending on snow conditions)

Recommended number of participants: 10 to 30

Location: Plateau, Kranjska Gora, Mount Rogla, Pohorje Mountains, Logar Valley

Duration: 3–5 hours

Focus: positive thinking, respecting your colleagues, teamwork organisation and communication inside the team

Recommended: IT departments, executives, small business groups, management teams, R&D, marketing and sales departments.

It’s like a fairy tale outside when it snows. Make your company as beautiful as a winter fairy tale.

We all look forward to success and are afraid of failing and being defeated. It’s important to look forward to success together, but it’s also important to face problems, defeats and failures together. If you identify problems in your company, it’s vital you tackle them quickly and appropriately.

The Winter Fairy Tale programme is a motivation training programme with high added value. It focuses directly on solving conflicts, reacting to conflict situations, and helps create a positive atmosphere within teams, project groups and companies.