The Tolmin Gorges, Tolmin’s Pearl of Nature

The Tolmin Gorges, located at the southern-most part of the Triglav National Park, are Tolmin’s main natural attraction. It’s no wonder, then, that visitors flock here from around the world.

Locals, day-trippers and travellers all huddle together, trying to find a square metre of space, all wishing to take in the soothing sights. It’s amazing to see how the Tolminka River carved its way through the rocks, as well as how dazzling and colourful the riverbed is. There is a circular path leading through the gorges that takes you to many beautiful spots. One of them is the Devil’s Bridge, the legend of which we will tell you another time. Awe may just be the word for the feeling of standing on the bridge and looking at the brilliant Tolminka and its canyon beneath you.

Along the way you’ll reach Zadlaška (also known as Dante’s Cave), a 1140-metre-long cave complex that is home to an endemic blind cave beetle called “Tolminski brezokec”, as well as numerous bats. Supposedly, this cave inspired Dante Alighieri to write the Divine Comedy, which becomes more and more believable as you descend into it. However, you’ll have to do so accompanied by a cave guide, since it is considered more demanding than most tourist caves. The next picturesque point is the so-called Bear’s Head, a moss-covered rock wedged between the Zadlaščica canyon walls which is the most recognisable sight of the gorges. The Zadlaščica and Tolminka rivers form a unique system within the Tolmin Gorges – a confluence of two rivers in a gorge, the only of its kind in Slovenia. Another enchanting part of the gorges is the “Skakalce”, a section of the riverbed carved by Zadlaščica where water cascades from one rock pool to the next. Another attraction is the thermal spring with temperatures of 19 to 20 degrees C, although this is only visible when the Tolminka water levels are low. All this and much more awaits you at the Tolmin Gorges. Every visitor can find their own place to unwind, connect with nature and wander off into their thoughts… Welcome!