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Where do you carry out your programmes?

We carry them out at agreed locations in Slovenia and abroad, depending on the client’s preferences. 

Do we need to bring any special gear with us?

We provide all the equipment required to carry out a specific programme.

Do you provide turnkey solutions?

Most of our programmes do. We organise and carry out the entire programme, provide transport to and from the location, accommodation, food and drinks, technical equipment, send out invitations etc. In short, we take care of everything the client wants.

How do we choose the right programme?

We usually schedule a meeting or have a short telephone conversation with the client to discuss and set the goals the client wants to achieve with a specific event or programme. After this short consultation, we know exactly what the clients want and can can advise them accordingly.

What if the weather is bad and the event is planned to take place outdoors?

We’ll find a rain date. Otherwise we always have a Plan B. We leave nothing to chance and make sure that programmes and events are never cancelled.

Are participants insured?

All participants in our activities are covered by our LIABILITY INSURANCE.

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Where do we meet up? Where is the meeting point?

We meet up at the main office of the Maya Outdoor Centre in Tolmin or at the Labrca Sports and Recreation Centre. When you make your reservation, our staff will give you detailed instructions as to where you have to go and when you need to arrive there. If you get lost, call +386 (0) 51 31 29 72. Don’t worry, we’ll find you.


Is there anything we need to bring with us?

If you’re going out on the water, bring your swimsuit and a towel. If you’re doing something else, just bring your trainers and dress comfortably. If you’re going hiking, we recommend you bring a small backpack and good hiking boots.

Are the activities safe?

You need to be aware that every outdoor activity involves a certain degree of risk. Our guides have all the professional qualifications and licences required to ensure your safety. The equipment that we use has been tested and has all the required safety standard certificates. We use local guides who know the area and conditions well. All of this ensures the highest possible level of safety during all activities.

Are we insured during the activity?

All participants in our activities are covered by our LIABILITY INSURANCE.

Do we need to have prior experience?

Prior experience isn’t required with any activity. You just need to be in good physical and mental shape and know how to swim (if you’re doing a water activity). Guests under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are not permitted to take part in our activities. We also advise pregnant women against taking some of our activities. Guests with health problems (asthma, injuries etc.) should consult our guides before participating in an activity. 

Can an activity be cancelled? When does that happen?

An activity may be cancelled in bad weather (e.g. when water levels are too high). We only cancel activities if we are unable to meet the required safety standards.


  • You may cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the planned activity starts; We do not give refunds after this time.
  • We may cancel a specific activity if the water level of the Soča River or the water level in a canyon is too high or low or in the event of other hazards, and propose other activities that can be carried out at that time. If you do not agree with our proposal, we will give you a full refund.
  • We may cancel an activity if it has already begun and was stopped for safety reasons. We do not give refunds for this.

What if it rains?

Rain is not a problem if we assess that we can carry out a specific activity or programme safely.

Is there an age limit?

Our activities and programmes are suitable for all children aged eight and over, but family rafting can include children aged five and over. Exceptions are also possible, but they must be agreed directly with the outdoor centre owner.

Do we have to book in advance?

We recommend you always book in advance by e-mail at to ensure you get your preferred date. Or give us a call on +386 (0) 51 31 29 72 and discuss and agree on the details with our receptionist.

Are active holidays suitable for my family or me?

Active holidays are suitable for everyone who wants to spend their free time actively, looks for new adventures and likes to explore the outdoors.
We guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

What about accommodation and food?

We always try to find the best possible accommodation for you, taking into account your preferences (hotel, bed-and-breakfast, self-catering units or camping).
The same applies to food. We offer traditional local food, but can also prepare special menus tailored to your preferences.

What’s the minimum and maximum number of participants?

The groups must include at least four people. This can include a family or four individuals.

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Can we bring our own food and drinks?

If you rent one of the sites available, you can bring your own food and drinks. 

Can we book and rent the entire Labrca Sports and Recreation Centre?

Yes, that’s also possible. For this you need to make special arrangements and sign a lease agreement. It all depends on when you want to organise the event.

Can we stay overnight at Labrca after the picnic?

Yes, but you must clean up the site before you leave.

What about the rubbish?

Everyone who rents a picnic site and has their own picnic or party at Labrca must take away all rubbish with them before they leave. If not, they are charged an extra fee.

Can we swim in the Soča River at Labrca?

Yes, but you do so at your own risk. Access to the river is provided, but you should know that the swimming area at the Labrca Sports and Recreation Centre has no amenities or lifeguard.

Do we need to book meals in advance?

Booking is required for groups of ten or more people.

Can we have a private party with live music?

Yes, if arranged in advance. Music is also played at the restaurant and so we can’t have more than one source of music at a time.


We will help you choose the event that will pull out maximum from your team as far as benefit and entertainment concerned..

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